North American Marketing Solutions has all the services you would expect to find with a traditional advertising or marketing agency. We work with for-profit companies on marketing and advertising campaigns involving their products and services, as well as with non profits on donation processing and data issues. Note, with respect to our non profit customers and fundraising service-providing clients, we do not solicit charitable contributions and do not provide any creative direction for the solicitation, consulting, call center services, management or any other fundraising consultant or professional fundraising services. We are not registered as a fundraising consultant or a professional fundraiser and do not compete with them.


Our administrative team is comprised of individuals with various backgrounds and skills including relationship marketing, custom software development, web development, appointment setting, customer service, and information technology. We can support your staff with a diverse set of knowledge and experiences. Our team will handle your fulfillment execution and finally measurement.


Our data department is comprised of industry veterans and highly skilled support staff. We receive your data correspondence through various means and can guarantee the data processed and printed by close of business everyday. The data team will produce as-needed reports.


The United States Postal Service recognizes us as one of the largest producers of first class transactional mail and has presented our leadership with numerous recognition awards. The mail team ensures timely delivery knowing that each client’s mail is crucial and important. Warehousing of your collateral is available as well.  In addition to first class mail, our team is a leader in the sucessful implementation of bulk mail.

Response Processing

Our response department will handle opening any customer surveys, or consumer responses, and database according to your needs.  Using industry standard efficient OPEX desks we can provide fast and accurate responses.

Creative Development

Our creative team can assist with branding, logo development and website design.

Technical Support

We have a very high level of experience and education in programming, database development, and new technologies inside and outside of the industry. Our goal is to make sure all of our clients maintain a technological advantage through our systems and processes. This allows us to build customer-designed tools and applications that can best suit your needs.

List of Services

Services offered by North American Marketing Solutions include:

  • One Stop Marketing Solutions
  • Business Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Multimedia campaigns
  • Billing Services
  • Statement Processing
  • Response Processing
  • Database Development
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Processing
  • Data Hygiene

Note:  North American Marketing Solutions is not a registered professional fundraiser and as such does not provide solicitation assistance, call center services, tele fundraising or consulting with the content of a solicitation.  Our services to non profit clients revolve around fulfillment processing and caging systems as an outsourced solution for both professional fundraisers and non profits.  We require our non profit clients to be properly registered with the states where they are active.